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Gigi is a qualified and experienced Natural Health Educator and a Qualified and experienced Counsellor.

She has experience in supporting people of all stages of life and with a wide range or physical , emotional and relational issues.

Give her a call for  free 15min consultation to see if her skill set  is suited to your needs.

PH: 0425 266 429

Great Health is a choice .

~Choosing what we put in our mouth.

~Choosing  How we spend our time.

~Choosing how we spend out money.

~Choosing how we treat or prevent our illnesses.

~Choosing how we interact with others

~ Choosing when to eat and how much to eat.

~ Choosing  when to sleep and how much to sleep.

~ Choosing  who to trust and whose advice to respect.

~ Choosing what to believe and where to put our hope.

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