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Meditation courses

Beginners and Level 1 Meditation Course

Learn to Relax and manage life's stressors with Meditation

Suitable for you if you have NOT meditated before AND if you have had some experience.

 This 3 session course will teach you a wide variety of techniques to:

  • calm the mind and the nervous system

  • change your breathing habits to improve well being and foster relaxation

  • make "mindfulness" a daily habit so that you can be more in the moment and calmer

  • meditate to quieten the mind, minimise the effects of stress, help heal the body, improve concentration, sleep better and much more.

Gigi will be running the course at her home in Bossley Park (it's quieter there)



Meanwhile go to Gigi's YouTube Chanel and enjoy the very relaxing Yoga Nidra Meditation 

Click HERE to try a guided Yoga Nidra Meditation with Gigi


DATES:         September 13th,20th + 27th ,2023

Time:         7:15 - 8:30 pm

Cost:          $80p.p for the 3 sessions

Address:   Bossley Park ( address TBA when you book in ) 

Bookings Essential - Limited to 12 per course.

Gigi is a qualified and experienced counsellor, life-skills coach, yoga teacher and yoga therapy instructor.

We will NOT be doing any physical yoga during these sessions.

Gigi's wide range of experience in many holistic wellness modalities will mean you will learn MORE than meditation in this course.

Level 1 and Level 2 Meditation Course

Take your meditation FURTHER - use it as a tool for Personal Growth + Emotional  and Spiritual Maturity

You will really benefit from this next level course if you have done a meditation course before (or really understand meditation and/ or mindfulness) AND if you are interested in growing as an individual on a more spiritual/metaphysical level.    

Gigi is a Christian, so God will be mentioned - this course will be suitable for any individual who believes there is "a God" but will NOT be suitable for atheists. It is NOT a religious course, but God will be included as part of spiritual growth.

This 3-week course will teach you a wide variety of ways to USE meditation and mindfulness practices

  • re-frame your perceptions and how you think - so you can choose your thoughts

  • you will be doing self-enquiry and self-awareness practices

  • deepen your experience with silence and stillness and knowing how to use it

  • personalise  how you meditate to manage stress and anxiety, anger, sadness etc

  • Gain great health and clarity and personal growth - cope better in all situations 

Gigi will be running the course at her home in Bossley Park (it's quieter there)

Dates... To be advised


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