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The Health and Happiness Centre, in conjunction with our associated yoga studio, Yoga & Beyond, have been assisting people to reach their goals for over 7 years.


In early 2010 we moved to our custom built, airconditioned premises on the Horsley Drive at Wetherill Park.


Our desire is to support you as you move towards experiencing "a new world of wellbeing" in all areas of your life - physically, mentally and emotionally.


We specialise in stress management, back care, improving posture, flexibility and strength.

Personal developement is our focus.

The founder of both the Health and Happiness Centre and Yoga & Beyond is Gigi - a certified counsellor, lifeskills coach, PnF Stretch Teacher, Principal yoga teacher, Kids Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapy Instructor. She teaches stress management techniques during yoga classes as well as supporting people privately and running workshops.

Independent Google Reviews / Testimonials of the Yoga & Beyond studio - from actual students;  

"I've tried to take up yoga a few times, trying several different studios, but it never 'stuck'. Until now. I visited Yoga & Beyond after searching for local studios & reading all of the glowing reviews - now I understand why people love this particular one so much. Gigi, Louis & their team of talented teachers are warm, friendly & knowledgeable. There are also retreats, counselling, meditation & a variety of helpful classes available. There's no pressure to wear the right outfit, look a certain way, push yourself to achieve things that you're not comfortable with or any pressure at all. It's a lovely, inclusive studio that feels low-key, relaxed & comfortable. The times are convenient, the equipment is supplied & there's a great mix of classes for all levels. I am a convert & have been coming 4 times a week - which is a testament in itself, given that I usually detest any form of exercise! I feel like my time in the classes is more 'me time' & akin to an active meditation to rejuvenate after the working day than exercise, but having said that, it is also definitely a great measured work out & is working. I would highly recommend Yoga & Beyond!" - Daniella


"I drew a picture a few weeks ago to find happiness and meaning in my life . The picture lead me to yoga and beyond . What an amazing experience to walk through the doors and feel an inner peace and calm knowing I have found happiness through yoga and meditation." - Hugh


"The studio is more like family. Genuine concern for the members, always a joyful greeting from Louis at the front desk. I am thankful for yoga and beyond being the first yoga studio I attended and have learned the foundations in a welcoming environment. A must visit studio." - Renato 


"I love this place makes me so comfortable and relaxing. I couldn't believe yoga could take the back pain away and day after day made me stronger." - Rava


"So friendly and relaxing. Had a great time and have already begun to achieve my goals. Not to mention all the extra "beyond" stuff like the cooking workshops and retreats." - Daniel

Contact us today and start your journey towards health and happiness ..

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