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 16 -18th October 2020

We run our Yoga + Health Retreats twice a year in Bowral; they are very popular and books out quickly!

These retreats are designed for those who are ready to embrace healthier lifestyle habits and would like to learn more about how to do that in an inclusive, supportive and relaxing environment.

Our yoga and health retreats  are held at Hartzer Park, Bowral and include:

  • Yoga, stretch and meditation sessions each day

  • Vegetarian meals and cooking classes

  • Workshops on Healthy Living; Taming the Mind; and general wellbeing


Each retreat has a different focus.

We aim to re-balance your diet, body, mind, emotions, relationships and lifestyle. 


Gigi has run over 25 retreats and is very experienced and passionate about supporting people to move forward in their life and in their health.


You will enjoy:

  • Yoga and stretching

  • Healthy and tasty  vegetarian meals

  • New recipes and practical diet tips

  • Your own private room

  • Meet likeminded people

  • Workshop sessions relating to health and good living

  • Meditation and Relaxation

  • Time outdoors with nature

Be inspired to make the changes you know you need.


Retreat 2 : 16-18th October  - deposits being taken



Health & Happiness Yoga Retreat Details

Experience a healthy lifestyle of natural clean eating, learn techniques for positive thinking, calming anxiety and lifting depression. A retreat for fostering GREAT health on ALL levels.

Date:         16th - 18th October 202

LocationHartzer Park, Bowral 

Cost:          $595p.p all inclusive (except optional massage)

Times:       Start arriving from 4pm Friday (First Yoga class 5pm and Dinner 7pm)

                   Ends Sunday at 3pm.

Optional:  Join us for a pre-retreat lunch at 1:30pm at Raw & Wild in Bowral

The entire weekend retreat costs $595 per person, including all meals, activities and your own private room (except for option massage, which is additional).

Early-bird pricing is a total of $545 if booked at least 6-weeks prior to the retreat.

We request a minimum non-refundable $50 deposit to secure your spot and your room.


A retreat for fostering GREAT health on ALL levels.


Just some of the special things Gigi will expose you to at the 2020  Retreats

~ Learn about your individual body type and which foods and lifestyles suite you best for optimum health

~ Learn how to improve Gut Health naturally

~ Experience how satisfying plant based meal can be and feel your renewed energy

~ Lean HOW to make happiness an everyday part of your day.

~ Manage stress and anxiety an depression - or get rid of I completely !

~ Take home some great new recipes

~ Everyone gets a PRIVATE room so you can relax.

~ 3 couples rooms available only - book in so you don't miss out.

~ Learn many mediation, yoga, stretch  and mindfulness practices

Guest presenters:-

  • Dr Melanie Jackson from The Ella May Centre  will be running a special session at this retreat on

       "Living the Good Life".

       Melanie is a  qualified Naturopath, Nurse , private Home Birth Midwife and has a Doctorate in Midwifery.

       I have invited Melanie to join us because she is studying and adopting a lifestyle from which we would all

      benefit !


       Melanie and her husband Dan  are both successful entrepreneurs , published authors and have achieved high 

       academic standing in  their careers while at the same time home schooling their 2 children  , keeping chickens,   

       goats, quails , bees and growing and preparing  much of their own food , working mostly from home , being

       actively involved in the  community and supporting people in need.... and much more .


        We will learn a lot from Melanie about why she chooses and more natural  simple life and how she juggles

        it  all  while living in a society which is pushing in a completely different direction.


  • Lorna Hollinger the Director of  The Australian Tapping Institute  will be joining us again with another great session on how Tapping can increase our feelings of happiness and wellbeing. 

      Lorna is currently  regularly interviewed by the media and is training  people world wide on how to teach this

      amazingly affective modality which is making people stand up and take notice as it produces amazing results.

      We will TAP our way to releasing held emotions and unhelpful habits. 

  • Gigi Neophytou (Proprietor of  Yoga & Beyond + Manager of the The Health & Happiness Centre) will be teaching the yoga classes, preparing and talking about how the food we will be eating is both health promoting and medicinal .

  • At this retreat  Gigi will be focusing on understanding and Improving gut health through diet and lifestyle.


All 3 of our presenters are "Lived Life Practitioners". They are highly qualified in their fields , have had many many years experience supporting others to heal and stay healthy AND they practice what they teach in their own lives.          This is going to be a retreat not to be missed !

Remedial Massage Therapist

Our fantadtic retreat masseus Sheryl Simms  is joining us again.

You can book in for a $45 for a therapeutic or relaxing massage.

Health Funds receipts will be provided.

We request a minimum non-refundable $50 deposit to secure your spot and your room.

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