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Life skills counselling and coaching with Gigi Neophytou


(BA.Dip.Ed.Dip.Professional Counselling, Cert IV Training)


Gigi is an experienced counsellor, Lifeskills Coach and motivational speaker and educator.  She understands that day to day living can be very challenging and sometimes we need a little guidance and support. 


Having raised 2 daughters and being married for over 34 years she knows about life and its ups and downs.


The "Lifeskills" approach focuses on understanding yourself and others better. Gigi helps you work through your current situation and ongoing struggles. She focuses on solutions. She teaches you to step back and explore the possible solutions more objectively with a big picture view 

of life in mind.


You will learn the skills you need to grow and cope. 

Gigi is focused on solutions We look for hope and towards a better future.

Call or email to make an appointment or  to get more information.

P : 0425 266 429     |    E :


Bach Flower Remedies

Gigi can mix Bach Flower Remedies specifically for your needs. 

  • Feeling emotionally up and down ?

  • Are your bad habits getting the better of you ?

  • Are your emotions ruling your life?

  • Going through a tough time right now and can't sleep?

Try a batch of Bach Flowers mixed especially for you by our qualifed counsellor.

Chose a mixture of 1-6 flower essences

            $12 ... 25ml bottle

            $18 ... 50ml bottle

Call Gigi to organise Mob: 0425 266 429

Open File BELOW to see the description of individual Bach Flower uses.

Bach Flowers Brochure

Counsellor at Wetherill Park, Gigi Neophytoy is a counsellor and a Lifeskills coach at Wetherill Park. Learn how to manage life better and relieve stress. Using Bach Flowers to manage unwanted thoughts and negative emotions with counsellor at Wetherill Park. Counsellor is in the The Health & Happiness Centre at Wetherill Park.


"2011 - During the last 12 years, I have devoted a significant amount of time and passion to personal development, personal empowerment and health, an issue that is often confusing and misunderstood because of the many options theories and practitioners in this field today.

In my quest to heal my mind body and, yes soul, I faced many obstacles of my own such as Why do I think this way? and why do I do this or that? Why don’t I do what I know?

But after meeting Gigi, she helped me realise that  all the little issues, that seemed big, overwhelming and too many (to me) where ………….. really were fragments of only one issue I needed to embrace - what a relief that discovery made to me!

I want to be happy and healthy and the long to do list was very much simplified and addressed by Gigi's wholistic approach to well being. I am now achieving results that had previously eluded me thanks to Gigi.

With yoga we worked on my body with nutrition and her development seminars we worked on my health both from a nutritional to cognitive and with Gigi simply being who she, she made me see how easy is was to fill the void my soul was searching for.

Thank you Gigi – goodness is all around me!" - Leticia

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