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stress, depression, anxiety

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The founder of the Health and Happiness Centre, Gigi Neophytou, is an experienced counsellor, Lifeskills Coach, motivational speaker, yoga teacher and educator (BA.Dip.Ed.Dip.Professional Counselling, Cert IV Training).


She understands that day to day living can be very challenging and sometimes we need a little guidance and support. 


Having raised 2 daughters ( 3 grandchildren) and being married for over 40 years she knows about life and its ups and downs.


The "Lifeskills" approach focuses on understanding yourself and others better. Gigi helps you work through your current situation and ongoing struggles. She focuses on solutions. She teaches you to step back and explore the possible solutions more objectively with a big picture view of life in mind.


The Health and Happiness Centre has a number of methods and resources to assist you with stress, depression and anxiety - including yoga, counselling, life coaching, health retreats, detox workshops and many more helpful options.


By whatever means best suits you, we are here to assist you to learn the skills you need to grow and cope.

Gigi is focused on solutions.

We look for hope and towards a better future.

For more information on how we can help you, please call or email to make an appointment.

PH: 0425 266 429   |   Email:

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