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back care & therapy

Overcome Back & Neck Pain Workshop with Gigi


SAVE MONEY and suffering..... learn to TREAT YOURSELF

Most back and knee pain is caused by excessive tightness experienced in the muscles and consequently affecting the spine or other joints. Poor posture is also an issue which needs addressing also. Inflammation, diet and stress levels also play a large role in pain.

This 2 hour session will get you started on the right track.

Class size will be limited so book early.

Learn how to stretch and strengthen the RIGHT muscles to relieve & prevent back and knee pain.


Date:          TBA

Time:         7-9pm

Cost:          $35 each

email enquiries

Pay at the studio or call with credit card details

Ph:  9610 4566 



In addition to the workshop above, yoga and stretching are also fantastic therapy for back care.


Our yoga classes feature strectching practices that will greatly benefit you if you are suffering from back issues.


We can also teach you how to manage backpain yourself - anytime! Stretching to relieve back pain is a GREAT idea.


For more information on yoga and stretching for back care and therapy, please call us on 9610 4566, email or drop in and visit us at Unit 4, 1269 The Horsley Drive, Wetherill Park.

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