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Beginners yoga

Click here for Welcome Offers for New Students.         See timetable


Let me teach you how to do yoga and stretch so that your body can be healthier, stronger and more flexible

"I make sure every one receives the support they need to improve their  mental, physical and emotional well being - that's my passion" - Gigi Neophytou, Principal Yoga Teacher & Counsellor & Life Coach


Next Beginners courses starts  Often 

 More details here  ( Booking is essential)


Our classes will:


  • improve your flexibility

  • make you stronger (physically & emotionally)

  • tone the body

  • relax and calm you

  • improve your posture

  • help with your back,hip,shoulder + neck pain

  • teach you the TOOLS you need to cope with life better!

Welcome to Yoga and Beyond at Wetherill Park.... we are different to other yoga studios. 


Yoga & Beyond has;

  • A warm and friendly atmosphere

  • A wide variety of top quality classes and several locations 

       (See Timetable page)

  • Mature and experienced teachers

  • Flexible pass arrangements - no fees 

Relax, Stretch and Strengthen

All ages and fitness levels welcome

If you think yoga is boring or too hard learn ... 

Not all Studios are the same!

Come and see Yoga & Beyond...

Beginners well catered for  in most yoga classes. 

Pre-Natal Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga improves back pain and keeps you healthy during pregnancy. Yoga for pregnanacy is included in yoga classes. so you don't have to attend a specifit pre-natal or anti-natal yoga class if you are pregnant. yoga is safe during preganacy.Our yoga classes in sydney are for all levels. Gentle Pilates for Pregnacy is included in most pilate classes at Wetherill Park.

Discussion Groups & Workshops

Learn about a healthy lifestyle. Learn how to improve relationships, relax better, manage anxiety, cope better, feel less stressed. Sharing and talking about these topics really healpd. Group counselling has been shown to keep you motivated. So stay motivate to be healthier with these discussion groups and workshops at Yoga & Beyond. We are in the Health & Happiness Centre at Wetherill Park in Sydney.

Yoga For Strength

Sun Salute Series. Watch Gigi Neophytou YouTube and learn some stretchs and poses to make you more flexible and stronger.

Yoga in Ropes

Being upside down is calming.

Doing yoga in the ropes stretches the spine and eay to learn even for yoga for beginners.

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